Wallscapes & Mural projects

mix-pics-325Wall Scapes-Planet Murals

My grandson loves the wall with all the animals and birds.It has made an ugly wall a very beautiful feature.” Sue & Mike Murphy & Tristan (16 months)

Ideal for any blank wall in your school or community.Working along side Kate and Jo,using Eco friendly paint and hand cut stencils designed from students ideas and drawings ,we can transform that wall into a work of art. Everyone is encouraged to get involved in these projects, even if your just passing by .


These are artist lead projects ,but the majority of the design work and application (a mix of free hand and stencil work) is carried out by the participants. The use of stencils makes it possible to do a number of things.
*It helps to involve those individuals that may lack confidence to working free hand.
It allows an element of quality control,which is  mix-pics-335    sometimes necessary when working with groups of young children.
*Its great when it comes to maintaining the art work, especially in public spaces.

A great art project for any school or community space that needs sprucing up and bringing back to life.