Recycled Plastic Art

Recycled plastic bag wind sock art project,art in schoolsWishes for Fishes – Fish Wind Socks
Ideal one day workshop
A perfect green art project for your school or group. Beautiful brightly coloured wind sock fish made form plastic carrier bags collected by the children to be recycled and transformed into huge decorative, dynamic fish. Working with two artists the children will produce works of art for their schools that are ideal for indoor or outdoor display. Colourful, durable, waterproof and made completely from recycled materials.

Children will learn about the importance of recycling and the impact of plastic on the environment in a creative and positive way. Can be made in a number of sizes.

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recycled plastic bag art project ,art in schools
Plastic Fantastic! – Lanterns
Ideal one day workshop

These beautiful lanterns made from recycled plastic bags are a great opportunity to show children the importance of recycling. These works of art are perfect for lighting up any event and unlike our paper and willow lanterns, they are weather proof and  have a longer life span, which is great for outdoor events and great for our environment. Giving off a gentle coloured glow these lanterns bring a touch of magic to any occasion. So if you would like great green art project, contact us.

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recycled plastic bag poster community art project ,art in schools

Plastic Posters

Working with two artists, groups can work together to produce a wonderful vibrant poster or banner. Machine stitched for durability and made from recycled plastic bags,these posters are great for illustrating any story or message and when held up to the light give a stained glass like effect. “The Misteltoe Queen” was produced by a young parents group and their children for their Christmas Mistletoe festival.

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plastic bag art project ,art ideas ,art in schoolsTextured Tunnels

Workshops creating recycled, textured and decorative poly tunnels for schools and community gardens. During this workshop youngsters get to learn about native plants and wild life and how we can help to protect them. Its a wonderful way to encourage people into the great outdoors to grow their own.

(Picture shows tunnels created for the forestry commissions new learning centre, Wyre Forest.)

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recycled plastic bunting community art project, art ideas ,art in schoolsBeautiful Bunting
Ideal one day workshops

Bright and beautiful, recycled plastic bunting created from used plastic bags. This bunting is weather proof and easy to store and once you have the technique it can just grow and grow. Brilliant for any indoor or out door occasion, this workshop is great for any age or ability.

(Picture Shows Recycled bunting community workshop)

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